What to expect and fees

What to expect and fees

Phases of Care

Our intention is to support you in reaching your health goals and get back to enjoying what you love. We are committed to providing expert Chiropractic care to improve our patient’s lives, no matter what the problem is or how long it’s been there. In your following appointments, our aim is to ensure you have all the information you need to understand the phases of Chiropractic care and what to expect. 

First Phase of Care

The first phase is an intensive phase, designed to improve your bodies’ ability to heal the problem you have come to see us for. Your body goes through a lot of changes in this phase so it is not unusual for symptoms to be up and down.

We are trained to do this at the right pace for you and your body. At the end of this phase we shall re-do the Vitality tests, measure the changes your body has made and discuss the changes that you are experiencing. 

Second Phase of Care

The second phase is less intensive and is designed to allow your body time to learn the changes we have made. We encourage you to start increasing activities, sometimes things you have avoided for a long time.

If you allow yourself time to heal and get stronger alongside Chiropractic care, the research tells us you are less likely to relapse. 

Well Being Care

We provide Chiropractic care to patients who choose to continue to look after their spines and body through their life.

We commend anyone who makes the long-term commitment to support his or her health with Chiropractic; if you are interested in well being care we can discuss this option when the time is right for you.  

Initial Consultation, Assessment, Report of Findings and First Adjustment

Adults and children of any age experience things which are stressful to their mind and body, it is important for everyone in the family to reduce the stress on their nervous system so they can be healthy.

At Granary Chiropractic we use our experience to spot the subtle signs that the nervous system is under strain. We begin by looking at lifestyle factors, hobbies, balance, co-ordination, posture and musculoskeletal development to see how we can help. We then create an individualised plan for your family alongside simple lifestyle advice and support.

Adult | £70
Child (0-16) | £50


Tracking your progress objectively is important to us.

We will perform a complimentary re-evaluation and progress report every 12 visits, whether you are new to the practice or a longstanding client.

Block Treatment

Save with Block Treatments

12 x Adult | £384
12 x Child (0-16) | £264

Cancellation & Non-attendance
If cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment, a standing charge of 50% could be incurred.
Non attendance may be charged in full.