Our vision is to help create lasting change in your life.

At Granary Chiropractic we believe your body has a natural ability to restore your health from the inside out. This means that you can do more than simply repair and heal, you can learn how to be the best possible you.

Chiropractic care supports your body to allow you to heal and enjoy a better quality of life. Our vision is to help create lasting change in your life.

We work on your spine because it is the direct link to your brain which controls every part of your body through your central nervous system. We use Chiropractic adjustments to restore its natural way of working.

This makes you much more resilient to the stresses that you face in everyday life.

Enjoy life without compromise

From the moment we are born, we experience physical, chemical and emotional stressors all of which have the potential to build up in your body. Your body tells you when it is stressed and this often shows up as symptoms or problems like pain or low energy.

At Granary Chiropractic we offer care to anyone who wants to enjoy life without compromise. You may have a problem that you want to naturally heal or simply wish to enjoy the many benefits of having your spine checked regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle.

We start by taking a thorough history before analysing what your body is telling us through a range of physical and neurological tests. Finally, we explain everything to you in and easy and understandable way so you can decide if this approach is right for you.

Natural Intelligence

At Granary Chiropractic we believe the human body and the environment around us have a natural intelligence and that the body is a whole and interconnected system where each part influences the other.

We believe in working in as natural and sustainable way as we can.

To support these values, we try to protect the environment as much as we can. We use nature-based hand wash and cleaning products, save paper where we can or use re-cycled or reusable options.

What our Client’s Say

“Kat has been adjusting me for many years, due to sporting injuries and other daft things I do to myself. As well as always knowing which bits need adjusting, even the ones I sometimes fail to mention, she also provides advice and guidance to allow me to help myself to avoid future issues where possible.

I like her holistic approach and professionalism. I feel confident that Kat always had my best interests at the forefront of her mind while undertaking adjustments and is always totally focussed. She takes time to listen and makes me feel relaxed and comfortable.

She always focusses on the whole picture, not just the area you think needs focussing on, meaning I always feel so much better after each adjustment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.“


“Simply life changing. From small regular adjustments preventing antibiotics every 6 months to emergency treatments from accidents, Kat has majorly impacted my families lives. The whole family are quite addicted to the balanced feeling after adjustments and have full confidence in her abundance of knowledge.”


“The care Kat provides is second to none. Her holistic approach addresses the root cause of problems rather than just the symptoms, and she helps direct you towards the tools you need to take control of your own health and wellness.”